About The Unit

The father: is an ex-marine and, for him, survival means protecting his family by any means necessary.

The mother: is learning just how much she will sacrifice for her children.

The daughter: was going to go to college. Now, her only hope is to hold on to what's right.

The son: is discovering a brave new world - a world with only one choice to make: kill or be killed.

When survival is on the line, what wouldn't you do for your family?

Praise for The Unit

“Drawing on his background in military operations and disaster preparedness, DeHart makes the details of his postapocalyptic debut ring true.... a striking picture of human vulnerability
and strength.” - Publisher’s Weekly

"The Unit is a high-tension, high octane post-apocalyptic novel that delves deeply into the minds and hearts of the people involved in such a situation. … It’s one of the best in its genre
I’ve read to date. - Grasping for the Wind

"a literary bitch slap, a not-so-understated reminder to cherish what we have—and to be prepared to protect it if and when the defecation hits the rotating oscillator. Roll of duct tape and can of Dinty Moore not included…" - Explorations